Don't wait on the sidelines, Get in the Game!

Support Card Creator

Inspire a Special Olympics athlete with your own message of motivation! Make and send your support card


Create your own Special Olympics story. Make it silly or serious. Choose your words and let Create-a-tale do the rest! Start your tale

Wall of Faces

Meet other kids and hear their Special Olympics stories. Or ask them questions of your own! Meet at the Wall

Event Planner

Learn from other student leaders about planning an event for your school or community. Check out their tips and suggestions. Start Planning

The Right Words to Spread

Do your students know the right words to use? They'll learn lots of positive terms and practice word skills as they unscramble these words. Start Unscrambling

We’re More Alike Than We Are Different

Challenge kids to study pairs of photos to find what's different in each, building visual discrimination skills along the way. Start Comparing

Stomp Out the R-Word

Play our challenging maze game and give students a chance to stomp out one term that's hurtful to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Start Stomping

Get in the Game!
Scavenger Hunt

Join in our sports scavenger hunt! Students scan the scenes and help the athletes get ready for their events. Get Started!

Heading Down the Perseverence Trail

Everyone faces challenges. Get students thinking about the mindsets and attitudes that help you succeed by taking a trip down the Perseverance Trail. Start Your Trip

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education

Special Olympics Project UNIFY started in 2008 as a U.S. national project, funded by the U.S Department of Education, with the goal to activate youth around the country in an effort to develop school communities where all young people are agents of change - fostering respect, dignity, and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities by utilizing the programs and initiatives of Special Olympics.